May News from Naga!

• Our Portland pals!

• Testing on the horizon

• Community camp-out May 10th!

• Save the dates!






Naga of the North!!!

Our sister school in Portland is Naga! Located in Beaverton, the head instructors, Silvia Smart and Jeff Densen, have been pals of mine since the late ’80s. They are a great support, and are frequent visitors here. You’ll see them and their students, pictured here, at Tilden Camp soon. Visiting PDX? Go to NAGA!










Color Sash Testing will be Saturday, June 15th, during class. Support your teammates by cheering & helping with the test! And save the September 13th weekend – black belt testing!


Join us all June 9th, Sunday, on nearby Telegraph for a fun afternoon. All ages are invited! And families, make it a day! We do several demos during the afternoon, and teach to whomever comes by! Sign up on the back counter – and EVERYONE can do something in the demo!





May 10th, Friday, Mas Abby and Mas Cat are hosting the annual community camp-out at Tilden. For a small donation to the Tulen Foundation, both dinner and breakfast are provided, just bring a tent. And this year new and improved bathrooms! BONUS: S’mores!





Email or call for more info about any of our events or activities. Also our Facebook Page has daily videos and info!


On Testing!

Naga tests are challenging.

Approaching next month’s test I started thinking about what it is we teach here at Studio Naga. During tests students demonstrate focus, cooperation, dedication, discipline – skills that seem to be acquired slowly but also translate to success outside the studio.

Poekoelan tests teach us all – at every stage, from white belt on up – to “never give up.” (BTW, my tests were no less challenging than yours, and I failed a few of them!)

The test will put some through their paces, but then the payoff will come: the amazing feeling of overcoming challenges, the confidence to tackle something hard, the focus to follow-through and face fear and even failure. This art gives us the opportunity to develop the skills to face life’s challenges with the same bravery, dedication and commitment with which we approach our training.

I love to witness the outpouring of support from the community as everyone readies for testing. Tests – especially black belt tests – are a wonderful time to remember back to when each of us started training…and how far we have come.

For black-belts the opportunity to help others as mentors is one of the longterm gifts of training. (And it’s sometimes just as nerve racking as being on the floor!) There, too, we see our accomplishments in the success and striving of our mentees, in the knowledge that it is through helping others that we are becoming our own best selves.

Okay, it’s almost time to bow in! See you in June!
MGALouise x



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