June Nagazette

Hot News!

• Temescal Street Fair!
• Pendekkar – what?
• Jungle Changes
• Special Class 6/11!



Temescal Street Fair, Sunday, June 10th!
Join the fun demo (everyone can do it!) and a fun afternoon. Meet at 12, hang out and demo a few “shows” and spend time with pals and the community.
Sign-up! Talk with Bantoe Dee or Mas James M for more info.


Pendekkar Paige will teach Monday June 11th, 6:30 pm. A long time student, her class will be on using Poekoelan in your life – all teens and adults welcome!




Jungle Gym New time: Saturday class will be 10-10:30 starting June. (One class only.) These young students are working hard for the next demo!





Pendekkar testing at Tilden camp!

Pendekkar – 4th degree – is a title that indicates a great deal of knowledge, leadership skills and a particular kind of relationship to the community. Here are the three people who are up for testing at Tilden camp (a three day test) and a little about what they think about the rank.
Come and support them in their journey that week!


Bantoe Nick

Training 17 years, Bantoe NIck says he trains “because when I’m at the school around our rich community, my best self comes out — I feel confident, compassionate, brave, and can set aside my personal issues to show up for other people.
To me being a Pendekkar means serving the community with a focus on the greater good rather than your own personal needs. This requires a deep self-knowing, humility, and being a strong leader who can inspire/support others to be their best selves.”


Bantoe Dee

Bantoe Dee started training 18 years ago (and started the Jungle Gym program 16years ago). “At the studio everyone teaches as part of training, but not everyone is a teacher. A teacher has mastered the ability to guide, shape and provide vision for training future warriors, warriors that in all likelihood will surpass the teacher. Being the teacher is a mastery of the physical that embraces the internal process that allows a sharing of knowledge without fear of losing face, status, or power.”



Bantoe Brett

Thirteen years in, Bantoe Brett says there are many interpretations of the title Pendekkar but he has a favorite:  “Pendekkar can mean many things: teacher, leader, warrior, leader of the village.  The one I like best is champion of a cause.  I have many causes.In the studio it may be getting you to kick you hand rather than slap your foot, or not using your hands when you roll.  In my family it’s being a good partner and raising a compassionate son.  In the world I’m promoting sexual health and equality (ask me about that sometime).  Somehow it’s all the same.At this point in my life, I doubt I’ll ever get in a real fight.  Maybe that’s the point.  I have bigger things to fight for, but I’ll never stop training.”


Still space in Summer Camps – join in!


Someone you’d like to see featured here? Or something about training? Let us know!


We’re gearing up for the Auction again – talk to Camden if you have ideas or want to help!

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