March Nagazette

• The Studio turns Fifteen!

• Early Registration: Camp Courage

• “Field Day” Sunday March 5th!

• Use our CAT box?!

Happy 15th Birthday, Studio Naga!

In 1998 a small group of us began training in local parks and freeway underpasses when it rained! In 2002, we moved in here and 15 years later we’re celebrating with a fiesta de quinceañera on May 6th. Save the date and if you’d like to help, please talk to Mas Simon, Bantoe Dee or MGALouise! Will there be dancing? Of course!


Field Day Fun – for a purpose!

Saturday, March 5th, 12:30-2:30 at nearby Doyle/Hollis park. Two hours of outdoor games! Bantoe Abby and Mas James are heading and donating all to the Tulen Foundation. Fun and popsicles for a $20 tax deductible donation!





Camp Courage: Options!

Save big ($55!) and register by April 1st! Outdoor Tilden camp has both day and overnight options, and a bunch of fun surprises!

Mas Goeroe Judy is going to Tanzania in May to teach self-defense! Info soon!
Here, Women & Girls Self-defense on March 13th has just a few spaces open!


Use the C.A.T. Box?

C = Compliments     A = Appreciation     T = Thanks

During March we’re using the round red box on the back table as a “mailbox” for Compliments, notes of Appreciation and Thanks. The box is for EVERYONE’S use: parents, students, visitors, instructors! Let’s make the mailbox overflow!

Studies show that we learn better when we are genuinely complimented – instructors, take note! But that doesn’t mean that a compliment is given only if you are “good” at something, here we award many compliments for good effort!

SO… is there a teammate you’d like to thank for working together during class?  Is there a teacher who inspired you? Are you grateful to your parent for supporting your training? Do you want to say Thanks to someone for being a good friend? Black belts, how about giving your mentees a little extra applause?

You can choose to sign your name on your CAT card, or choose not to! We’ll deliver the cards during the month. We’ll have paper next to the box for your use: Parents, please encourage your child to participate – and even help with writing if they are youngsters. (We’ll talk about this in class, but It would be great for you to encourage the kids as well!)

We’re hoping the CAT box will battle the winter doldrums for those both giving and receiving; psychologists say that giving compliments cultivates awareness of the good things that are all around us and gives the giver a boost as well.

Be creative! Be genuine! Be specific! Be encouraging!

Ever grateful to my inspiring black belts, and to every person in the Naga community who comes together to help us grow and change, both ourselves and the world! MGAL xo theTulen Foundation!

AnchorSign-up for Amazon Smile and name the Tulen Foundation and .5% of your purchases will go towards our college scholarships! This takes about 3 minutes and if all of us join in, it’s a bunch of free money!

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